Zorsafe Oil

Zorsafe Oil

Zorsafe Oil

Herbal Pain Relief Oil

Packing : 50ml With Carton

Price: 110.00/ Bottle

Description Of Herbal Pain Relief Oil - ZORSAFE OIL

ZORSAFE consists of an Ayurvedic Pain Relief Oil which is made from various powerful ingredients such as Maha Narayan Tail, Guggal Satva, Gandapura, Neelgiri Tail, Tarpeen Tail, Kapoor ka Satva. It’s a herbal remedy for getting relief from different kinds of problems that an individual may face in his daily life such as back pain, lower back pain, muscle cramps, and some other bones and muscle-related problems. Having so many natural ingredients makes it a pain relief oil that has many anti-inflammatory properties and works very effectively to give the individual the required relief from all the muscle and joints, bones related problems.
This Ayurvedic muscular-skeletal pain reliever is specially made by the team of pharma experts that Unibyte Ayurveda has employed. Being a time-tested Ayurvedic herbal pain reliever, ZORSAFE also possesses analgesic, anti-rheumatic, and has muscle relaxant properties that make it a perfect solution for many kinds of bones and muscles related problems.


  1. Maha Narayan Tail 21%
  2. Guggal Satva 21%
  3. Gandapura 15%
  4. Neelgiri Tail 13%
  5. Tarpeen Tail 13%
  6. Kapoor ka Satva 5%

Key Benefits of Ayurvedic Pain Relief Oil

  • Provides relief from various types of pain.

  • Nourishes the joints of bones.

  • Prevents degeneration of joints and helps to repair them.

  • Lubricates and strengthens the muscles, bones, and joints.

  • Acts as a muscle relaxant.

  • Aids in getting relief from various types of muscle discomfort.

Packaging: This Herbal Pain Relief Oil is made available in a 50 ml small bottle packing along with a carton outside it. All of Unibyte Ayurveda’s products are manufactured in WHO, GMP accredited manufacturing units.

Dosage and storage

  • Apply an adequate quantity of this herbal oil on the affected area and gently massage it for some time.

  • Keep on using it as per the direction of the concerned healthcare expert or till the individual gets proper benefits.

Possible Side Effects of Herbal Pain Relief Oil

This is a natural and herbal pain relieving oil that is made as per the guidance of our Ayurvedic experts and hence it is free from any possible side effects. Although the instructions of the concerned doctor should be followed so that the individual gets proper relief within the shortest amount of time. 

Ayurvedic Herbal Pain Relief Oil Manufacturer and Supplier

Unibyte Ayurveda is one of the most well-reputed Pharma Companies in India that is doing very well in order to serve the various number of individuals by offering them quality pharmaceuticals at a very viable rate. The firm is making use of hi-tech machines and other relevant equipment which are capable of processing bulk orders easily. Our company majorly focuses on using quality rich raw material so that the end result also comes out as per the expectations of the linked associate.
The guidelines which are set by different regulatory authorities namely WHO, GMP, IMA, Ministry of AYUSH are being followed by us which further makes sure that we are following all the norms while producing the herbal medicines. Due to its various efforts, we are reputed as one of the best Herbal Pain Relief Oil manufacturers and suppliers in India. We are also seeking an increase in the number of patients who are suffering from the problem of body ache and pain and that’s why we are offering the Herbal Pain Relief Oil PCD Pharma Franchise in different parts of the country so that more people can get linked with us and help us to further distribute them.

  • Quality inspection is being done on a regular basis.

  • Our well-trained workers don't leave any room for any kind of error to be raised.

  • A very wide range of pharmaceuticals is being offered by us.

  • The main aim of our organization is to look after the satisfaction of the linked client. ​​​​

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