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Image Name Packing Composition
Caricheck Capsules Bottle 30 Capsules Tulsi + Carcria Papaya + Giloy Capsules Details
Carichek Syrup 200ml With Carton Papaya, Giloy, Tulsi, Mandupkarni, Trikatu Syrup Details
Casbon-H Capsules Bottle 30 Capsules Calcium Capsules Details
Casbon-I Syrup 200ml With Carton Calcium & Iron Syrup Details
Creto H Capsules Bottle 30 Capsules General Health Capsules Details
Creto-H 200ml With Carton Haematinic Syrup Details
Creto-XT Drops 15ml Ferrous Ascorbate & Folic Acid Drop Details
Encurem CP Capsules Bottle 30 Capsules Curcuma Longa 495 mg + Piperine 5 mg Details
Encurem-CP 200ml Curcum Longa 500 mg + Piper Nigrum 10 mg Details
Fedso H Syrups 200ml With Carton Blood Purifier Syrup Details
Fedso-H Capsules 30 Capsules in Bottle Blood Purifier Capsules Details
FullOn Musli Capsules Bottle 30 Capsules Musli Power Capsules Details
FullOn Syrup 400ml With Carton Health Tonic For All Age Groups Details
FullOn Tulsi Drops 30 ml Tulsi Drops Details
Fullon-H Malt Bottle Herbal Malt Details
Goncid H Syrup 200ml With Carton Antacid Details
HairPlan Capsules Bottle 30 Capsules Hair Care Capsules Details
HairPlan Oil 120 ml With Carton Hair Care Oil Details
Irrekta Capsules Bottle 30 Capsules Vigour And Vitality Capsules Details
Justkof H Syrups 100ml With Carton Ayurvedic Cough Syrup Details
Lavizyme 200ml Digestive and Hepatoprotective Syrup Details
Lithocrush Capsules Bottle 30 Capsules Stone Capsules Details
Lithocrush Syrups 200ml With Carton Stone and Alkalizer Syrup (Nephro Restorative Tonic) Details
Livran Capsules Bottle 30 Capsules Liver Capsules Details
Livran Plus Syrups 200ml With Carton Liver Tonic Double Strength Details
Livran Syrup 200ml With Carton Liver Tonic (Hepatoprotective Syrup) Details
Pileslow Capsules Bottle 30 Capsules Piles Capsules Details
Runup-CQ Capsules Bottle 30 Capsules Cissus Quadrengularis for Bone Fracture, Weak Bones (Osteoporosis) Details
Runup-Cq Syrup 200ml With Carton Cissus Quadrangularis 250mg in 5ml Details
Unikid Oil 100ml Ayurvedic Baby Massage Oil Details
Uviran Capsules Bottle 30 Capsules Ayurvedic Uterine Caps For Women Details
Uviran Tonic 200ml With Carton Uterine Tonic Details
Uzibrain Capsules Bottle 30 Capsules Brain Tonic Capsules Details
Uzibrain Syrup 200ml With Carton Brain Tonic Syrup Details
Uzilax (Sugar Free) 200ml Constipation Relief Details
Uzilax Capsules Bottle Constipation Capsules Details
Uzilax Powder 100 gm Laxative Powder Details
Uzilax Syrup 200ml With Carton Constipation Syrup Details
Uzimet Capsules 200 gms Diabetes Capsules Details
Uzimet Powder 200gms Ayurvedic Antidiabetic Powder Medicine Details
Uzimet- H Syrup 200 Antidiabetic Syrup Details
UziSlim Capsules 30 Capsules Weight loss Capsules Details
Yumzyme Capsules 30 Capsules Digestive and Hepatoprotective Capsules Details
Yumzyme Syrup 200ml With Carton Enzyme Details
Zorsafe Capsules Bottle 30 Capsules Pain Relieving Capsules Details
Zorsafe Oil 50ml With Carton Herbal Pain Relief Oil Details
Zorsafe Syrup 200ml With Carton Joint And Muscular Pain Syrup Details

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