Uzilax Syrup

Uzilax Syrup

Uzilax Syrup

Constipation Syrup

Packing : 200ml With Carton

Price: Rs. 130.00/ Bottle

Description Of Herbal Constipation Syrup- UZILAX Syrup

Herbal Constipation Syrup is the fusion of various herbal ingredients which are very effective in treating the problem of constipation in both men and women of various age ranges. It works as a natural and ayurvedic laxative syrup that is effective in treating the problem of constipation very easily in a very short span of time. The stool that may be hard in the intestine becomes softer by using this herbal syrup for constipation and it gets a lot easier for the individual to pass it in order to get relief from the same gut problem. In many cases, it is also used for treating hepatic encephalopathy which is a liver-related problem. 

Some of the herbal ingredients added to it are Amaltas, Harar, Sannay, Saunf, Gulab Ke Phool, and much more which not only solve the problem of constipation but they also provide a cooling effect to the whole body. Some related stomach issues such as inflammation are also solved by the regular usage of this herbal syrup for treating constipation. One can aid the process of getting rid of constipation and it also makes sure that it doesn’t come back easily.


  • Amaltas - Cassia Fistula Gudda 200 mg
  • Harar - Terminalia Chebula Fruit 100 mg
  • Sannay - Cassia Angustifolia Leaf 200 mg
  • Saunf - Foeniculum Vulgare Seed 100 mg
  • Saunth - Zingiber Officinale Kand 25 mg
  • Gulab Ke Phool - Rosa Centifolia Flower 100 mg
  • Anjeer - Ficus Carica Fruit 25 mg
  • Nisoth - Operculina Turpethum Mool 25 mg

Key Benefits of Herbal Constipation Syrup 

  • It makes the hard stool a lot softer so as to make it easier for the individual to pass it.
  • The problem of constipation is treated very effectively by using it.
  • The problem of hepatic encephalopathy is also solved by its usage in many cases.
  • Water is drawn in the bowels and that’s how it makes the stools softer and easier to pass.
  • The pain and discomfort that may be associated with constipation is also solved by its usage.
  • It also relieves different kinds of discomfort that may be there and then improves the quality of life one may have.


This natural syrup for Constipation is made available in a bottle packing 200 ml along with a carton outside it. It is packed in such a manner so as to avoid any kind of breakage or leakage during the transport process. 

Dosage and storage

  • It is to be taken after having a meal usually at night as it will help to avoid the problem of constipation very effectively.
  • Use it as per the advice of the doctor concerned who will prescribe the method of using it properly.
  • Try taking it at the same time each day as it will help to avoid missing any dosage of the same.
  • Keep it in a dry place that is away from direct sunlight and is away from the reach of children.
  • Use it regularly as per the advice of the concerned healthcare expert for having the maximum amount benefit from it.

Possible Side Effects of Herbal Constipation Syrup

This being a herbal and natural syrup for treating hard stools is completely safe for consumption by all the individuals. Still, in case, any individual faces any kind of possible issue then a doctor should be contacted right away in order to avoid any chances of any kind of other issue being raised.

Quality Ayurvedic Syrup for Constipation 

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1 How long does t take for laxopeg syrup to work?

It doesn’t take much longer to see the working effects of this ayurvedic syrup for constipation as one will get the visible results in just 2-3 days from the beginning of its usage.

2 Is UZILAX Syrup a laxative?

This syrup works as a natural and herbal laxative syrup and aids the process of making the stool softer so that one can pass them easily.

3 Can I use UZILAX Syrup on a daily basis?

Yes, one can make use of this herbal syrup for constipation on a daily basis but one must use it as per the advice of the concerned healthcare expert otherwise it can cause some problems.

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